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    Roxanne Henderson and Londell Phumi Ramalepe, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 ANC is looking into introducing prescribed assets to foster inclusive economic growth.
     28      2
    Prinesha Naidoo and Paul Vecchiatto, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 Some audit teams were pressured to modify conclusions to avoid negative audits outcomes, AG says.
     23      13
    Janice Kew, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 Meanwhile, ex-CFO Ben la Grange is being sued for about R271m as part of the same case.
     12      13
    Renee Bonorchis and Colleen Goko, Bloomberg  / 26 June 2019 Benefactor not named.
     10      14
    Antony Sguazzin, Brian Latham and Godfrey Marawanyika, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 Effects still linger from the last time the Zimbabwe dollar crashed and burned.
     9      1
    Naledi Mashishi, Reuters / 26 June 2019 The appointment comes after a near seven-month search for a CEO.
     9      2
    Antony Sguazzin and Paul Vecchiatto, Bloomberg  / 26 June 2019 The bill 'will further provide regulatory certainty,' says energy minister Gwede Mantashe.
     7      0
    Mike Cohen and Rene Vollgraaff, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 Most South African SOEs spend more cash than they generate.
     7      15
    Marvin G Perez and Justina Vasquez, Bloomberg  / 26 June 2019 Fund managers aren’t the only ones feeling the tailwind from gold’s rally to a six-year high.
     4      1
    Antony Sguazzin and Mbongeni Mguni, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 The Gaborone-based exchange is currently about 80% owned by the state, with four brokers holding the rest.
     4      0
    Adriaan Kruger / 27 June 2019 South Africa's municipalities spent R376bn last year, with bookkeeping related to 97% of it failing to get the clean-audit nod from the Auditor-General.
     2      1
    Moneyweb / 26 June 2019 Denel gets loan to pay salaries, PPC and Sephaku results, DoE looks to a bill to protect local industry and more.
     2      3
    Patrick Cairns / 27 June 2019 Why investors need to pay attention to company debt.
     2      0
    Larry Claasen / 27 June 2019 PSG and NFB take top honours in Intellidex awards.
     1      0
    Tshegofatso Mokgabodi, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 The EFF wants the Tshwane mayoral post in exchange of its support to the DA mayor in Johannesburg.
     1      1
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    Patrick Cairns / 21 June 2019 Dividend funds show particular resilience.
     345      21
    Hilton Tarrant / 24 June 2019 Absa’s failure to compete in the entry-level market has nothing to do with its former group CEO …
     279      17
    Jeremy Burman / 23 June 2019 South Africans who emigrate need to prove that they are no longer resident in SA if they want to be treated as a non-resident for tax purposes.
     213      12
    Cathy Buckle / 21 June 2019 The monumental shock of going into a supermarket in Zimbabwe for the first time in a fortnight.
     138      13
    Suren Naidoo / 20 June 2019 SA needs to take back the billions looted from SOEs like Eskom, Transnet and SAA that have been taken offshore, says British politician Peter Hain.
     122      19
    Ciaran Ryan / 24 June 2019 The sector has to clean up its act while still making a profit – and it's a race the group intends to win.
     116      5
    Larry Claasen / 25 June 2019 It's becoming harder to stay employed in South Africa.
     93      30
    Chris Reiter, Bloomberg / 22 June 2019 There are pressures that come with being guardians of wealth.
     86      4
    Patrick Cairns / 25 June 2019 But how do you access it?
     74      12
    Barbara Curson / 26 June 2019 Easily transportable, easily dispersed, no trail?
     66      13
    Duncan McLeod / 24 June 2019 Naspers subsidiary, PayU has joined the Libra Association, which will have a say in how the cryptocurrency is managed.
     51      2
    Bernard Chiguvare / 24 June 2019 Department of Health says there is no money to hire additional staff.
     49      2
    Ray Ndlovu / 21 June 2019 Last month, 737 farmers registered for the compensation, according to the Treasury.
     48      4
    Nelson Banya, Reuters / 25 June 2019 After ending dollarisation.
     46      3
    Patrick Cairns / 24 June 2019 A multitude of aspects needs to be considered – preferably well ahead of time.
     44      0
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    Hilton Tarrant / 11 June 2019 Overall metro sees slowest growth rate since the end of 2009.
     501      26
    Ciaran Ryan / 11 June 2019 The taxman targets foreign earnings in excess of R1m – but at what cost to the country?
     477      49
    Patrick Cairns / 5 June 2019 The effects will be widely felt.
     434      33
    Ciaran Ryan / 19 June 2019 With shades of Kenneth Makate’s 'Please call me' case against Vodacom.
     391      21
    Johannes Wessels / 4 June 2019 Prolonged low economic growth could lead to even more economic flight by those with skills and capital.
     390      58
    Mike Schüssler / 6 June 2019 South Africa would be far richer if it wasn't for government constantly ratcheting up prices on the things we can't avoid paying for.
     350      36
    Patrick Cairns / 21 June 2019 Dividend funds show particular resilience.
     345      21
    Patrick Cairns / 20 June 2019 Are you prepared for the impact of this recurring cost?
     335      33
    Hilton Tarrant / 24 June 2019 Absa’s failure to compete in the entry-level market has nothing to do with its former group CEO …
     279      17
    Hilton Tarrant / 18 June 2019 In Sandton, this strategy will help double turnover in just two years.
     254      7
    Adriaan Kruger / 13 June 2019 Investor briefing shows that people are curious about the new bank, but careful about committing finances.
     249      16
    Ciaran Ryan / 6 June 2019 Tongaat must restate its 2018 figures. But will it end there?
     219      23
    Jeremy Burman / 23 June 2019 South Africans who emigrate need to prove that they are no longer resident in SA if they want to be treated as a non-resident for tax purposes.
     213      12
    Tony Beamish / 18 June 2019 Maintenance evaders beware – the litigant with the best typewriter doesn't always win.
     194      5
    Hilton Tarrant / 7 June 2019 Big banks have closed nearly 700 branches since the peak. Only Capitec is still adding to its footprint.
     192      10
The latest 15 comments.
  1. Navigator

    27 June 2019 @ 12:53 am
  2. Went into a local JHB municipality branch today to log a query. Offline. Were off all of Monday, half of Tues and most of today. They have no idea when they're getting back on line. The whole system seems headed for a crash any time now. The rot is no way confined to just financial management; it appears to be everywhere. The municipal accounts are shambolic and errors are never corrected. No matter. I'm sure that somewhere there's someone thinking of making a plan to plan for something to be done by somebody about everything. Or something. Or nothing. Or not.
  3. Investor 47

    26 June 2019 @ 11:21 pm
  4. How to spend 2.1m (out of 57m population) taxpayers money. He either robbed Peter to pay Paul (read somewhere, like education or health) or is spending money earmarked for more important things. Worst case scenario GEPF or PIC has been robbed
  5. comme ci comme ca

    26 June 2019 @ 9:29 pm
  6. But he paid in the end!
  7. Charles

    26 June 2019 @ 8:29 pm
  8. @Shaokhan, the same way every other individual and business provides proof of a bank account, a confirmation letter from the bank..... If she does not trust the confirmation letter, there are external 3rd party services that provide FICA verification, including bank accounts - DocFox, ThisIsMe - in fact its easy to automate. As the writer said: "Blissfully ignorant, seemingly innocent, eyes wide shut...."
  9. Africa Pragmatist

    26 June 2019 @ 8:17 pm
  10. The auditors of SA municipalities are up against the gangster ANC and the gangster state.
  11. Chris Stoffel

    26 June 2019 @ 7:43 pm
  12. What happens next month? And the months after that? A bail out every month to pay salaries?
  13. JannieSnyman

    26 June 2019 @ 7:34 pm
  14. Absolutely correct. All our highly qualified children left many years ago. Quality export products as their susequent careers prove. Leave ASAP if young. Soon the socialist Gordhan etc will run out of other peoples money
  15. casi_negro

    26 June 2019 @ 7:27 pm
  16. So true,and remember old Mr King? he danced around SARS for many years.
  17. Frans C

    26 June 2019 @ 7:10 pm
  18. Another “good ANC story” resulting from their kakistocracy.
  19. Johan_Buys

    26 June 2019 @ 6:11 pm
  20. Or, on the flip side : the new scheme is indeed an attempt to catch up with the reality that investors are not going to continue with the old model. Yet, If they published the back test and it shows how much they have been overpaid it might ruffle some feathers among the gruntled (slow cooking frogs) that still remain. It is time these “professionals” are paid and measured like other professionals. I do not pay my dentist based on my NAV. There is zero skill difference between managing R1b funds under management and R100b, BUT there is a 100 times difference in fees! The Account administration is nothing : it has to cost less than R5 per month which is what a transactional bank account costs. Anyway, not my problem - just amazed and amused
  21. Johnny Knoetze

    26 June 2019 @ 6:07 pm
  22. President Ramaphosa and the ANC knows exactly what the priorities are and how to fix them to get South Africa going forward again with required sustainability. Problem is they are to scared of labour unions and mass action to do anything. President Ramaphosa must watch out because under his watch this country will be another Zimbabwe within his period of presidency and then everybody will refer the further decline to the Ramaphsa regime like they do now referring all previous decline for the to the Jacob Zuma regime!!
  23. Johan_Buys

    26 June 2019 @ 5:58 pm
  24. Government should be attaching assets here and foreign as suspected proceeds of crime through preservation order. Then wait for the owners to object and face questions, not least from SARS about ownership and source of wealth versus tax returns. Al Capone was eventually taken down by IRS not Police
  25. Pamplona

    26 June 2019 @ 5:53 pm
  26. 10? You must be joking. 3. Max
  27. Pamplona

    26 June 2019 @ 5:52 pm
  28. Can't quite say but I would imagine that iron-age management techniques don't really work in the quantum age ...
  29. Vlad the Impala

    26 June 2019 @ 5:43 pm
  30. His mistress ain't :)
The top voted comments of the past 7 days.
  1. Sensei

    21 June 2019 @ 7:44 am
  2. There is no clear and coherent message in the SONA, but if you read between the lines, the subtle message becomes clear. The SONA is a smokescreen, a facade of false competence to hide the real, underlying reality. This SONA, when interpreted by free-market economists will read like this: "The real plan is the National Democratic Revolution that is built on top of the Freedom Charter. Everything we say here today is meant to fool the rating agencies and foreign investors. Our entire plan rests on our ability to borrow internationally to fund the BEE looting locally. As you all know, I am a BEE entrepreneur with personal interests in coal contracts with Eskom. Therefore, we will save Eskom with your money. The course of our economy is set for hyperinflation of the currency. That is our de-facto 10-year plan. Our economic policies are similar to that of Zimbabwe and Venezuela, and our cabinet members are of hugely inferior capability. So, the outcome is a no-brainer. Thank you. Thuma Mina, and watch this space."
  3. Navigator

    25 June 2019 @ 6:10 am
  4. Was listening to the Eusebius McKaiser show yesterday on 702. He had an economist and two other women from NGOs critiquing the economic aspects of the Sona. Not only did they pretty much shred it; they offered up a whole range of completely sensible alternatives. I find it incredibly scary when 3 people who've not even met before can totally out think the entire ANC in half an hour. Similarly, SABC TV ran an interview with Vuyani Jarana's former advisor at SAA who, in 10 minutes, articulated a 10 times more coherent view of how the government should manage it's SOE's than you have ever heard out of the mouth of government. So the poverty and inequality problem we have in this country starts with the quality of thinking in the ANC. Same goes for the EFF and COSATU, and goodness knows how much better the DA is: I find it hard to tell what they really think. Our sports teams are fair proxies for our government. In all league tables of performance our government is doing worse than the Proteas. That they seem incapable of seeing this just confirms the assertion. We are not in good hands at all. Small wonder we are shedding jobs.
  5. casper1

    21 June 2019 @ 6:11 am
  6. These okes do not know how to fix a lawnmower never mind the country!!!
  7. Richardthe Great

    22 June 2019 @ 3:42 am
  8. What climate model are you quoting and how well does it stack up against reality ? There are about 80 different climate models out there that have a range of climate sensitivity ranging from 0 to 7°C for CO2 doubling. An aggregate of these would be meaningless mumbo jumbo.
  9. casper1

    25 June 2019 @ 6:05 am
  10. “We can’t talk out way out of our difficulties,” he says - To true - The ANC have been talking and promising now for 25 years and all that happened is the country has been looted!!!!
  11. Zokey

    22 June 2019 @ 7:11 am
  12. South Africa contributes LESS THAN 2% of the emissions world wide! As I keep telling "intelligent" people, there is not 1 speck of empirical evidence to show "global warming" I mean "Climate change" I mean "Climate resilience (new term coming.) It is a cabal of UN-ELECTED people who will fine the country (drain the fiscus) and use the money for WHAT EVER THE HELL THEY WANT. Quit watching CNN.You get better answers if you would research rather then get your news in 20 second bytes
  13. Davebee

    20 June 2019 @ 5:46 am
  14. Here's a medical aid issue for Patrick Cairns to REALLY investigate:- What is going to happen to all those medical aid members contributions and benefits in this country once the ANC, via minister Mhkize gets the National Health Insurance scheme activated here in South Africa? See what you can come up with Patrick as this matter is deserving of a big, big article. How about some input from Discovery or Momentum as well, what do they know? What have they picked up?
  15. Sensei

    20 June 2019 @ 8:13 pm
  16. This SONA is a nice socialist wishlist without any practical plans. A fairytale story to impress myopic, naive and ignorant social justice advocates. A public display of the victim, and blameshifting mentality without any workable strategies to support the economy. Watching my president speak gave me a warm feeling, but I can generate a similar feeling by wetting my pants.
  17. Sensei

    24 June 2019 @ 7:15 am
  18. Ramaphosa's first and most important test is a dismal failure. The tiny part of the nation that contributes to the economy waited for action against Eskom. We gave him the opportunity and time to break up Eskom, shrink the workforce, get private investors to sort out the mess and fast-track green energy projects. To our shock and dismay, The Sona proved to be the biggest non-event of the year. Come to think of it, the Sona actually was an accurate and precise display of the State of the Nation. A lot of incompetence parading as competent. Many criminals parading as saints. Self-interest parading as benevolence and goodwill. A lot of pretences but zero substance. The president uttered thousands of words without saying anything. This is the actual State of the Nation all right. It seems as if socialist political systems implode as a result of a failure in the energy sector. Venezuela imploded after the crash in the oil price. The USSR imploded after the explosion at Chernobyl, and the ANC will implode after the implosion of Eskom. It is clear that BEE is the umbilical cord that connects Luthuli House to Eskom. Luthuli House is a premature baby, unable to survive without the patronage from Eskom. Chernobyl was a manmade disaster of epic proportions. It exposed to incompetence, inefficiencies and lies of the typical socialist system. Eskom is fast becoming our manmade disaster of epic proportions.
  19. Sensei

    25 June 2019 @ 6:59 am
  20. The Mining Charter, in combination with BEE laws, is a powerful catalytic converter that changes mineworkers into zamma zammas. Luthuli House is the mad chemist who uses these trusted socialist recipes to turn the economy upside down, destroy employment opportunities, implode the tax base and dumps the nation in poverty and ruin. Eskom will be the first of these socialist experiments to go catastrophically wrong. Few people realise that Eskom's financial implosion will eclipse the manmade disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Facility. The nuclear fallout at Chernobyl killed less than one-hundred-thousand people. The financial fallout after an Eskom implosion will cause the premature deaths of 25 million South Africans. How do we get to that figure? Look at what happens in countries that suffer under hyperinflation. No access to TB medication, antiretrovirals and insulin, mean that patients who need antibiotics, who suffer from tuberculosis, AIDS and diabetes will die within 12 months. In South Africa that adds up to about half the population. If the world believes that Chernobyl was the worst manmade disaster in history, they haven't seen the financial damage that radiates from the manmade Eskom disaster.
  21. The Hun

    22 June 2019 @ 4:59 am
  22. Interesting that the protesters never complain about the population growth. Typical left wing bunch.
  23. Andrew Grieveson

    21 June 2019 @ 7:04 am
  24. If you can’t fix Home Affairs how on earth are going fix the the rest of it . I’m afraid it’s a case of ‘ You don’t know that you don’t know ‘ . Privatization is the only thing that can save this country and they all know it . That’s why our politicians use private hospitals and send their children to private schools !
  25. pwgg

    21 June 2019 @ 8:24 am
  26. When he opened with the 106 year anniversary and apartheid race card and how 25 years ago the ANC took over an economical disaster my estimation of this guy dropped. This was Zuma all over again with a different accent but no stumbling over 5 digit numbers. If Zuma/Radebe and co had signed all the IPP contracts 5 years ago these projects would have absorbed the redundant Eskom workers and Eskom would have almost been fixed. but once again we are trying to fill a leaking bucket by adding more water. Cyril your gifted riches are showing, if you were a self-made billionaire you would know how to fix this mess but seeing that all you have was given to you and is enough to generate enough to fix your business problems it is no wonder you don't know what you are doing. I really hoped you would crack the whip, to hell with popularity and a second term, be unpopular, wield the big sharp knife, cut the fat, the nation will thank you in 5 years time and will vote you in again. Carry on like a wimp and you may not have a country in 5 years time.
  27. TaffyDee

    20 June 2019 @ 8:43 pm
  28. No mention of why Eskom is in the position it is. No mention of remedial action as to prevent this (again) happening in the future. No mention of bringing those responsible for this mess to justice. Throwing taxpayers money at the problem will solve nothing Cyril.
  29. Mmmm

    25 June 2019 @ 7:23 am
  30. Are we expecting long retired "freedom fighters", communists, unionists and crooks to resolve issues and grow the economy to create jobs? The ability is not there and never will be. Where would it come from?
The top commented articles of the past 7 days.
    Larry Claasen / 21 June 2019 President Cyril Ramaphosa highlights challenges facing SA. But gives few details on how to deal with them.
     16      37
    Larry Claasen / 25 June 2019 It's becoming harder to stay employed in South Africa.
     93      30
    Patrick Cairns / 24 June 2019 If only in its own self-interest.
     26      30
    Richard Calland / 22 June 2019 In the current context of the divided ruling party, Ramaphosa has to stick to his guns.
     23      26
    Patrick Cairns / 21 June 2019 Dividend funds show particular resilience.
     345      21
    Patrick Cairns / 26 June 2019 We need better incentives for private sector investment.
     28      20
    Suren Naidoo / 20 June 2019 SA needs to take back the billions looted from SOEs like Eskom, Transnet and SAA that have been taken offshore, says British politician Peter Hain.
     122      19
    Reuters / 20 June 2019 President delivers second state of the nation address of the year.
     8      19
    Nqobile Dludla, Reuters  / 22 June 2019 In shake-up of its customer care service.
     25      17
    Hilton Tarrant / 24 June 2019 Absa’s failure to compete in the entry-level market has nothing to do with its former group CEO …
     279      17
    Chris Bryant, Bloomberg opinion / 22 June 2019 Fumes from SUVs and aviation are contributing to the climate crisis.
     23      16
    Mike Cohen and Rene Vollgraaff, Bloomberg / 26 June 2019 Most South African SOEs spend more cash than they generate.
     7      15
    Renee Bonorchis and Colleen Goko, Bloomberg  / 26 June 2019 Benefactor not named.
     10      14
    Alexander Winning, Reuters / 25 June 2019 State-owned defence group will only pay employees 85% of their salaries this month.
     34      13
    Ciaran Ryan / 21 June 2019 More than 34 tonnes smuggled into Dubai in four years.
     30      13

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