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What entrepreneurs need to thrive through the pandemic and beyond

6 Jul 2020  / Nompu Siziba
Lockdown is locking down the components of the system that are generating a living for everybody... - Vusi Thembekwayo, founder of MyGrowthFund.

ProfitShare Partners secures R100m to assist SMEs in Covid crisis

6 Jul 2020  / Nompu Siziba
We look for SMEs that need funding to execute a contract or purchase order with a large corporate, or certain government departments: Andrew Maren, founder of ProfitShare Partners.

Debt sale may tell if investors can stomach South African glut

7 Jul 2020  / Robert BRand, Bloomberg
Demand at weekly bond auctions has wilted amid rising issuance.

Steinhoff share price surges

6 Jul 2020  / Janice Kew, Bloomberg
On signs it can settle R190bn in claims.

Covid-19: Salary cuts and tax impact

6 Jul 2020  / Amanda Visser
The less you earn, the bigger your tax ‘saving’.

Get ready for an August peak in stock prices

6 Jul 2020  / Ciaran Ryan
Cycle theory has a pretty good track record in calling out the tops and bottoms.

Auditor-General speaking into the void on local government corruption

6 Jul 2020  / Barbara Curson
Dysfunctional control environments – and greedy hands in the till.

Time to overhaul our inept corporate governance

6 Jul 2020  / Ann Crotty
The law favours companies. It is not there to protect the shareholders who own the companies.

Cell C says recap talks still happening despite delays

6 Jul 2020  / Duncan McLeod
The company had been expected to announce the details of the recap at the end of June.

Personal pampering during the pandemic

6 Jul 2020  / Melitta Ngalonkulu
The new face of the beauty and grooming sector.

For Zimbabwe investors, stock exchange closing is the last straw

6 Jul 2020  / Antony Sguazzin, Brian Latham and Ray Ndlovu, Bloomberg
'I’m locked out and I’m not sure how this is legal.'

Day traders will have fun until they get wiped out

5 Jul 2020  / Noah Smith, Bloomberg
A large amount of empirical evidence confirms that most day traders lose money.

Can I pay for your shopping?

5 Jul 2020  / Cathy Buckle
'Life is so hard for all of us; who knows, tomorrow you may be able to help me.'

Blistering Nasdaq momentum is approaching dot-com escape speed

5 Jul 2020  / Sarah Ponczek and Lu Wang, Bloomberg
In a year of hysterical markets things could get even weirder.

South African banks need to do more to ensure financial inclusion

5 Jul 2020  / Velenkosini Matsebula and Derek Yu
Financial inclusion is broadly defined as the ability of people to access a range of affordable financial services.

It's Zuckerberg and Facebook's time to bend

5 Jul 2020  / Tae Kim and Alex Webb, Bloomberg
The social media's giant's traditional hands-off approach isn’t good enough anymore.

Move beyond the business case for diversity

5 Jul 2020  / Laura Morgan Roberts, Bloomberg
It’s time to stop framing equity around a business case.

The mall can’t survive if there aren’t any stores

5 Jul 2020  / Andrea Felsted, Bloomberg
The UK's economy is reeling.

How to spot an investment scam

29 Jun 2020  / Craig Torr
Steps you can take to verify any potential investment.

From fear in Wuhan to oil crash: Six months in emerging markets

4 Jul 2020  / Bloomberg News, Bloomberg
As if the pandemic wasn’t enough, traders and investors also have to grapple with the resurgence in US-China tensions.

Implosion of high-flying billionaire trio shows pledging risks

4 Jul 2020  / Tom Metcalf and Marion Halftermeyer, Bloomberg
Borrowing money against stock in your own company can be problematic.

Understanding the costs involved in buying a property

2 Jul 2020  / Gareth Collier
There are a number of layers of costs involved, with most of them being for the buyer’s account.

New oil rig sent to South Africa for rare frontier drilling

4 Jul 2020  / Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg 
In hopes more oil will be found in the area.

Interpreting government's mixed messages on nuclear power

4 Jul 2020  / Hartmut Winkler
The plants still being built now are typically running well behind schedule and construction costs are much higher than initially projected.

BHP overstayed in petroleum. Time to exit

4 Jul 2020  / Clara Ferreira Marques, Bloomberg
Diversification has benefits, but operating synergies between oil and mining are debatable.



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  would like to see what would happen if the legitimate liquor and tobacco industry followed the route of the taxi-industry with their threat of 100% full taxis & over the border trips - what would the anc's attitude towards them - also a cool: "but they are really naughty now"??...  


  I have been farming for 45 years, never had hard control over my income. We are price takers, so we developed into expert cost cutters. When the pipe pouring in is at half speed you close the outlet tap, something very foreign to Africa. Africa thinks that money grows on trees....  


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