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Not even herd immunity can fully protect us

15 Aug 2020  / Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg
A look at what might be behind the severe Covid-19 toll in much of Latin America, and possibly in India and South Africa.

Expected Level 2 presidential address gets mixed reactions

14 Aug 2020  / Melitta Ngalonkulu and Tebogo Tshwane
But industries agree that it's time for Ramaphosa to open up the economy.

Race-based employment targets on its way

14 Aug 2020  / Adriaan Kruger
Amendments to the Employment Equity Bill will enable minister to set targets for every industry.

Simon’s weekly wrap: what moves the rand, BAT shares and more

14 Aug 2020  / Simon Brown
Also, views on the US/China trade war and its risks for SA, hammered UK property stocks, views on Exxaro, Clicks, Airbnb's IPO and other stories.

As bank earnings collapse, how bad can it get?

14 Aug 2020  / Hilton Tarrant
Valuation of banks the ‘lowest since the 1980s’…
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Task team set up to finalise urgent economic recovery plan

14 Aug 2020  / Tebogo Tshwane
This is the outcome of Ramaphosa's meeting with social partners at Nedlac.

A culture of political capitalism: the unbearableness of ANC corruption

14 Aug 2020  / Mamokgethi Molopyane
Ours is the age of rule of self-destruction through politics defined by the capitalist spirit and greed as greatest motivator.

State’s infrastructure programme criticised for lacking details

14 Aug 2020  / Roy Cokayne
Many projects have been in the pipeline for years and may not be as ready for implementation as government claims - Industry Insight

Charts show how a shrinking economy hurts SA banks

14 Aug 2020  / Roxanne Henderson, Bloomberg
Investors will be more focused on understanding how well banks are positioned to recover: Jan Meintjes.

Privately-owned funeral parlours losing to corporate giants

14 Aug 2020  / Dudu Ramela
Nafupa alleges that insurance companies are invading the funeral industry: Clarence Nethengwe from Old Mutual.

UIF to process July and August Ters claims from Monday

13 Aug 2020  / Melitta Ngalonkulu
While April and May applications need to be submitted by September 15.

Santam has now paid out R506m in business interruption claims

13 Aug 2020  / Suren Naidoo
After originally dragging its feet on Covid-19 pandemic-related pay outs.

Tshwane budget may be legally disputed

13 Aug 2020  / Moneyweb
New charges mean some residents pay fixed fees for water and sanitation – not according to their usage.

Sars, you, and those auto-assessments

13 Aug 2020  / Barbara Curson
It starts with 'auto-submission' – Sars filing your return for you – and is only a provisional assessment that you are free to disagree with.

Government’s miserable small business assistance put to shame by private sector

13 Aug 2020  / Ciaran Ryan
Since April, developmental micro-financers have made more than 180 000 loans – 18 times more than government.

Where can I open a tax-free investment where I benefit from compound interest?

13 Aug 2020  / Elke Brink
Investing with a wealth manager on an investment platform and following a unit trust approach is one option....

Investors thinking of getting back into small caps should take note

13 Aug 2020  / Adriaan Kruger
Recovery in earnings and share prices might take years.

Transnet boss Portia Derby doubts a strong 2021 recovery

13 Aug 2020  / Suren Naidoo
Due to the 'deep crash' expected from Covid-19 globally this year.

Load shedding pushes past 2019 levels – CSIR

13 Aug 2020  / Tebogo Tshwane 
It translated into losses of between R60bn and R120bn to the economy that year.

Inflation targeting is here to stay – Kganyago

13 Aug 2020  / Larry Claasen
Sarb governor also says bank's independence is key to price stability and that QE will be ineffective in SA.

Economic activity sees second month of recovery – BETI

12 Aug 2020  / Nompu Siziba
Mike Schüssler, chief economist at, ‘would open the whole economy’ now.

Ramaphosa prepares to ease lockdown restrictions: sources

12 Aug 2020  / Paul Vecchiatto and Janice Kew, Bloomberg
Including the possible scrapping of the alcohol sales ban.

South Africa is on the brink of load shedding, Eskom warns

12 Aug 2020  / TechCentral
As it is struggling to meet South Africa’s demand for electricity.

SA 'has not experienced a winter cold and flu season' - Clicks

12 Aug 2020  / Suren Naidoo
But, group delivers strong overall trading since the Covid-19 lockdown.



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  Nothing more than the ''third world paralysis'' at play!...  


  Now it is clear that we are really hell bent on destroying our own economy. As if the failures in quotas at SAA, Eskom, government and the municipalities haven't taught us anything....  


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