Latest Courses

  • Ecommerce Masterclass: Getting started with ecommerce


    The retail sector across the globe is getting disrupted left, right and centre with the introduction of e-commerce. For many South African retailers, the idea of going online is exciting but daunting.

  • Free! Liberty Retire Well Event video series


    Risk Taking and Retirement – a practical strategy
    Turning your retirement capital into an income
    The opportunity in Section12J and Social Impact investing
    How do you know when you’re financially ready to retire
    Buy to let as a retirement option (Trends in the SA rental property market)
    The post-retirement career
    Ask an expert by Liberty
    South Africa, the state of investment going forward
    What every retiree wishes they could have known at the start of their career
    The personal events that can disrupt your retirement plan and how to manage them
    The Importance of Estate Planning with offshore assets

  • Internship 101


    In this 15 minutes free video, presenter Jessica Hubbard chats to Moneyweb MD Marc Ashton about how young adults can use internships to prepare themselves for the world of work and make themselves employable.

  • Moneyweb Boutique Asset Manager Conference


    Speakers at Moneyweb's 2017 Boutique Asset Manager conference gave excellent pointers for investment professionals. This free series is a packaged version of the live stream of the conference, held in July alongside The Money Expo 2017.

  • Recording: Stocks for Frocks workshop from The Money Expo 2017


    Moneyweb Insider Gold subscribers get a 50% discount!

    The 2017 Money Expo has happened and popular Moneyweb community members Nerina Visser and Ann Wilson once again presenting their Stocks For Frocks workshop aimed at empowering women to take control of their investments. This workshop aims to demystify the world of investing and learn about the world of passive investment products.

    If you missed this dynamic duo in action we live streamed the event to viewers who tuned in from around the world. A packaged, complete recording of the hour-and-a-half long workshop is here for you to view.

  • The Digital Marketing Crash Course


    Breaking down the jargon in a digital marketing crash course for entrepreneurs who want to enter the space of digital marketing. This series of videos is aimed and demystifying and explaining what makes the multi-million dollar digital marketing industry tick.

  • Wealthy Ever After ADVANCED


    Learn How To Manage Your Money When it Suits You.

    Work and family commitments often make it difficult to prioritise sorting out your financial affairs – let alone blocking out hours at a time to attend a course or workshop. That’s why our online financial education is the perfect solution for busy professionals. Modular lessons are delivered weekly and stored indefinitely online – so you that can access them anytime. Anywhere. Including at home with your partner if you’re in a relationship and want to build wealth together, as a family.

  • Wealthy Ever After FREE version


    Gary Kayle is a Money Coach™ and the founder of the Moneyweb-backed financial education business, The Money School. These FREE training videos has nothing for sale. It’s just Gary revealing how he came back from crippling debt to build a life of Wealthy Ever After™ with his wife Debbie, and what you can do STARTING RIGHT NOW.

  • Webinar: Millionaire Money Hacks


    Download the recording of the Millionaire Money Hacks Webinar with Gary Kayle, co-founder of the Moneyschool and creator of Wealthy Ever After™.

  • Webinar: Predictive leadership


    Join Moneyweb and Brandon Pleaner, managing consultant at CEB [now Gartner Middle East & Africa], for a discussion around making better decisions with regards to your organisation’s leadership.

    Currently a managing consultant at CEB, Pleaner is a highly experienced psychologist working in the management of professional teams, human capital analytics, human capital strategy development as well as psychometrics across the employee life cycle.

  • Webinar: Selecting your future leaders


    Join Moneyweb and David J Edwards, chartered occupational psychologist and head of Talent Solutions, as we learn about CEB, Gartner's largest research study in over 25 years to understand leader performance.

  • Webinar: Self-Service Investing


    For many South Africans, the real question is where do you find high-quality financial advice that you can trust?

    The Financial Planning Institute (FPI) in South Africa hosted a webinar with the three finalists in the “Financial Planner of the Year” award to take questions from the Moneyweb audience on the subject of “Self-Service Investing”.