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Is lending from our retirement savings a good idea?

South Africans are drowning in debt and it is hard to imagine that more debt is the solution to the structural economic issues we face.

The benefits of taking a long-term investment view

Those who are invested to achieve longer-term investment objectives can expect to enjoy a smoother, less emotional ride.

Should you consider investing in property to protect against inflation?

We urge caution when making property investments at this time, despite the low rate of interest and marketing from property developers.

Clicks buys Pick n Pay pharmacies: Their Human Factor Scores

If you were a share investor, which share would you rather own?

Money market funds and accounts: Different in nature and purpose

Both Money Market Accounts and Money Market Funds are designed to house funds earmarked for shorter-term use.

Getting divorced: Calculating the accrual and dividing the assets

Many couples do not spend enough time before getting married ensuring that their antenuptial contracts are aligned with their needs.

Treat IPOs with caution

Investing in IPOs is a risky business.

The accrual system: Death of a spouse

Many couples fail to consider how the accrual calculation impacts their estate plan, often with devastating consequences.

April 2021 economic update

The US Federal Reserve kept interest rates unchanged in April, signalling that concerns about the economic recovery in the US persist.

Multi-jurisdictional estate planning

What to consider when structuring your foreign assets.

The cost of living abroad

Prepare for the cost of the smaller things that you may not have analysed as carefully yet but will nonetheless have a big impact on your day-to-day finances.

Applying the avoid the Human Factor Strategy to Facebook

Can the social media company deliver the growth implied by its  share price?

Offshore investing: consider the tax, estate and continuity planning from the start

The reason we take funds offshore is generally to protect them – therefore offshore investments need to be done properly.

Developing a healthy savings mentality

Saving is a habit that you can develop over time with a bit of effort, discipline and commitment.

The accrual system: This is why estate planning is so important

Failing to deal adequately with the impact of the accrual system where the marriage is dissolved by death can lead to serious financial complications.

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