Webinar: Selecting your future leaders


Join Moneyweb and David J Edwards, chartered occupational psychologist and head of Talent Solutions, as we learn about CEB, Gartner's largest research study in over 25 years to understand leader performance.


Course overview

Learning how to effectively identify future leaders is at the core of every successful company. Good leaders make good decisions but many companies fall short in predicting what talent will deliver the right results. Consideration of context in leader selection and development has become increasingly important. Companies and vendors alike are working to integrate context into their leadership programmes; however, considering nearly 50% of all leaders fail to meet their objectives after moving into a new role, the methods used to define and apply context in decision-making are highly variable and unproven.

In this webinar, we learn about CEB, Gartner’s largest research study in over 25 years to understand leader performance.

David J Edwards is a chartered occupational psychologist, head of Talent Solutions and principal consultant at CEB now Gartner across the Middle East and Africa and has worked for the organisation for 16 years. David’s consulting experience spans the full talent management arena including pre-hire (selection) and post-hire (development), and he is also an experienced psychometrician and coach. Having begun his career in the company’s UK office, he has delivered projects around the world and has been in the MEA region for seven years.


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