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NAV on 2021/09/17
NAV on 2021/09/16 100
52 week high on 2020/09/22 100
52 week low on 2020/09/22 100
Total Expense Ratio on 2021/06/30 0.29
Total Expense Ratio (performance fee) on 2021/06/30 0
Incl Dividends
1 month change 0% 0.36%
3 month change 0% 1.05%
6 month change 0% 2.11%
1 year change 0% 4.34%
5 year change 0% 6.97%
10 year change 0% 6.5%
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  • Sectoral allocations
Liquid Assets 1277.13 5.26%
Money Market 21905.96 90.24%
SA Bonds 1091.32 4.50%
  • Top five holdings
MM-03MONTH 4333.34 17.85%
MM-01MONTH 4247.59 17.5%
MM-04MONTH 2705.04 11.14%
MM-02MONTH 2660.04 10.96%
MM-07MONTH 1673.72 6.9%
  • Performance against peers
  • Fund data  
Management company:
Allan Gray Unit Trust Management (RF) Pty Limited
Formation date:
ISIN code:
Short name:
South African--Interest Bearing--Money Market
Alexander Forbes Short Term Fixed Interest (STeFI) Composite Index



  • Fund management  
Mark Dunley-Owen
Thalia Pretorius

  • Fund manager's comment

Allan Gray Money Market comment - Mar 20

2020/09/09 00:00:00
18 months ago, the Money Market Fund commentary began with a quote from a Talking Heads song highlighting that nothing had changed. Current times could not be more different. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all our lives. It has also negatively impacted the prices of many investments.
Very low risk unit trusts, including money market funds, tend to excel in unsettled environments. The Allan Gray Money Market Fund aims to protect your capital and provide a reasonable level of income. It has done a good job of meeting this objective over recent years, and we believe it will continue to do so amidst current uncertainties. A summary of what you own in the Fund highlights why.
The Fund is invested in a basket of low-risk debt securities. Using round numbers, 75% of these are short-term, senior funding to the large South African banks. These are well capitalised, profitable and have survived extreme scenarios before. 15% of the Fund is invested in government treasury bills, arguably the safest rand-denominated investments available. The remaining 10% is funding to high-quality companies such as Shoprite and Sanlam.
Despite its low risk holdings, the weighted average yield of the Fund is 7.1%, comfortably higher than inflation. Unfortunately, it is unlikely to remain this attractive indefinitely. Now more than ever, the South African government needs to stimulate growth and reduce the cost of the country’s high debt burden. The South African Reserve Bank lowered interest rates by 100 basis points in March, and is expected to lower them further in the near future. This, plus possible inflation from a weaker currency and global fiscal stimulus, may reduce the real return offered by money market instruments. While future money market returns are likely to remain suitable for many savers, they are unlikely to match those of the recent past. Despite the uncertainties and expected headwinds, the Fund continues to offer capital protection and a reasonable income. We continue to manage it with these objectives in mind, and are grateful that you trust us to do so.
The Fund continued to experience inflows during the quarter. These were invested to maintain equal fixed and floating rate exposure. We found opportunities to invest in senior short-dated fixed rate bank bonds at attractive yields relative to negotiable certificates of deposit (NCDs)
  • Fund focus and objective  
The Fund invests in South African money market instruments with a term shorter than 13 months. These instruments can be issued by government, parastatals, corporates and banks. The Fund is managed to comply with regulations governing retirement funds.
While capital losses are unlikely, they can occur if, for example, one of the issuers of an instrument held by the Fund defaults. In this event losses will be borne by the Fund and its investors.

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