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    Fast News

    SA mulls stake in lender as it covets a state bank

    29 Jul 2021  /  S'thembile Cele and Prinesha Naidoo, Bloomberg   5


    A scintillating week for the Anglo stable

    29 Jul 2021  /  Ciaran Ryan   4

    South Africa

    ‘Death Kitty’ ransomware linked to attack on SA ports

    29 Jul 2021  /  Ryan Gallagher and Paul Burkhardt, Bloomberg   4


    Value to be found all over the JSE

    29 Jul 2021  /  Simon Brown   2


    Zimbabwe to dispatch troops to help Mozambique fight insurgency

    29 Jul 2021  /  Godfrey Marawanyika, Bloomberg   1


    US looks to leverage African diaspora in trade with Africa

    29 Jul 2021  /  Doyinsola Oladipo, Reuters   1

    Fast News

    Language app Duolingo climbs 36% after $521m IPO

    29 Jul 2021  /  Crystal Tse and Michael Hytha, Bloomberg   1
The top commented articles of the past 7 days.


    ‘Covid grant should be R585, so all people in SA can afford to eat’

    27 Jul 2021  /  Theresa Edlmann, Engenas Senona, Erin Torkelson and Wanga Zembe, GroundUp   25

    South Africa

    South Africa since 1994: a mixed bag of presidents and patchy institution-building

    25 Jul 2021  /  Richard Calland and Mabel Dzinouya Sithole   21

    South Africa

    SA announces post-riot relief, eases virus lockdown

    25 Jul 2021  /  Mike Cohen and S'thembile Cele, Bloomberg   13

    Companies and Deals

    Mango Airlines to enter business rescue, says SAA interim CEO

    26 Jul 2021  /  Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo and Nqobile Dludla, Reuters   12
The top commented articles of the past month.

    South Africa

    South Africa has identified alleged instigators of violence – Ramaphosa

    16 Jul 2021  /  Olivia Kumwenda-Mtambo, Tanisha Heiberg and Wendell Roelf, Reuters   80

    Companies and Deals

    The scale of the destruction

    19 Jul 2021  /  Moneyweb   79

    South Africa

    Sorry Jacob, Gary has already tried that!

    8 Jul 2021  /  Moneyweb   54


    SANDF to be deployed to violence stricken KwaZulu-Natal

    12 Jul 2021  /  Suren Naidoo   51

    South Africa

    Can Sasria honour claims of up to R30bn?

    16 Jul 2021  /  Adriaan Kruger   49

    Companies and Deals

    Durban chamber sends another SOS to Ramaphosa

    14 Jul 2021  /  Suren Naidoo and Palesa Mofokeng   42


    Zuma’s jailing more than just a courtroom drama

    30 Jun 2021  /  Ryk van Niekerk   37

    South Africa

    Does SA need (another) black bank?

    1 Jul 2021  /  Adriaan Kruger   36


    SA unrest: Ramaphosa’s message to organised business

    20 Jul 2021  /  President Cyril Ramaphosa   28
The latest 20 comments.
  1. casper1

    30 July 2021 @ 6:40 am
  2. The looting was a result of decades of ANC indoctrination that everything is free and there are no consequences for actions !!

  3. Ellison Blaze

    30 July 2021 @ 4:08 am
  4. Loads of about turns and changes of face. A whole lot of dust in the eyes to disguise a personality cult and built-in IRR (insider rate of return!)?

    Skimming the fat on some tasty long-term property deals. With positive (but limping) real returns the ship keeps sailing- just not to investors port o’call.

    Back in the good ol’ US of A.. aye aye to built-in inflated cheques and bank balances/. oops- excuse the Zumain slip, of course I meant checks and balances!

    Potentially more standard SA corporate governance shortfalls and untouchable even with a barge pole of a nautical mile.

  5. Africa Pragmatist

    30 July 2021 @ 4:08 am
  6. Lockdown response – ANC incompetence
    Looting – ANC corruption and incompetence

  7. tripleleveretf

    29 July 2021 @ 11:53 pm
  8. Because this virus led to a 20 month lockdown dumbo.

    Crippling the world economy and sending South Africa 20 years back.

    How hard is that ?

  9. rebelboer

    29 July 2021 @ 9:51 pm
  10. Once again you have hit the nail on the head..!The sooner the Cancer destroys itself the better…

  11. Leah Buchanan

    29 July 2021 @ 8:56 pm
  12. “….Bumper tax revenues from high commodity prices may support the economy”

    This is the problem of the ANC mindset…

    Get pickled on the “fermented apples of the ground” and forgo the pruning of the orchard for the nest season


  13. Leah Buchanan

    29 July 2021 @ 8:49 pm
  14. …mentioned this week that the “hack” was the ANC to siphon off tax payers money, seemingly ethically and take cover in a problem affecting super economies

  15. Ally cat

    29 July 2021 @ 8:39 pm
  16. The anc needs to get involved……. Lol they soo broke they can’t even pay all the comrades at the office – till to start stealing again.

  17. Ally cat

    29 July 2021 @ 8:37 pm
  18. Time to buy some ten cent now I think..

  19. raymondbc

    29 July 2021 @ 8:34 pm
  20. Five years, is just a wonderful achievement. Good on everyone involved.

  21. auretha

    29 July 2021 @ 8:18 pm
  22. Is African Bank in trouble again? Is this another disguised state bailout for African Bank? Why do I smell a rat?

  23. jblack

    29 July 2021 @ 7:19 pm
  24. Dutch disease comes to mind.

  25. Bibby

    29 July 2021 @ 6:24 pm
  26. Just send taaaktikal komandos. It is what I are like to do het.

  27. beachcomber

    29 July 2021 @ 6:10 pm
  28. Heaven forbid that Mr “Hat” Bheki Cele attempts to operate a computer. Hopefully they have more qualified techies than the constables who cannot write up a legible statement at the local station.

  29. Expat

    29 July 2021 @ 6:09 pm
  30. Just another feeding trough for ANC snouts to suck dry.

  31. Bib

    29 July 2021 @ 5:27 pm
  32. Just send taaaktikal komandos. It is what I are like to do het.

  33. boomspan

    29 July 2021 @ 5:22 pm
  34. I could not say it any better.

  35. boomspan

    29 July 2021 @ 5:21 pm
  36. What an amazing guy. God bless him.

  37. Expat

    29 July 2021 @ 5:00 pm
  38. I laughed so much that I nearly fell out of my Covid sick bed when I read (in another article) that according to the new Cybercrime Act that the South African Police Service (SAPS) will be the leading agency to coordinate investigations!

  39. tripleleveretf

    29 July 2021 @ 4:50 pm
  40. Hers immunity will NOT come regardless.

    There is a time limit. Otherwise mutations will
    Simply repeat.

The top voted comments of the past 7 days.
  1. Liyabona

    24 July 2021 @ 6:07 am
  2. According to the author this violence is deeply imbedded in South Africa’s unfinished business, its inability to create a single source of public order or to change an economic balance of power.

    I tend to disagree:

    The government of the day is so intent on stealing the public purse that they prefer no public order.

    Their agenda to disarm law abiding citizens right to protect themselves against violent grab of economic power clarifies disarmement and violence is supported by government. The government of the day is nothing but a criminal mafia.

    Government has abdicated it’s responsibility totally to the citizenry. Citizenry, in the current space of no social contract, will take up arms (Legal or illegal arms) to protect the little economic power that they do have.

    Citizens also now realize the government brings no return on tax money spent. The tax revolt will further increase and the future is one of no government as the people living between the borders of this country has to pay for duplicate services anyway. Just cancel the government.

  3. Sensei

    23 July 2021 @ 7:11 am
  4. Anybody who suggests that private property should be nationalized in the public interest must be mentally handicapped or a career politician. Anybody who believes that legally enforced BEE codes can add value to society, as a whole, is equally intellectually impaired or self-serving.

    Keep in mind that the state(voters) already receives 30% to 40% of profits from private companies, and between 20% to 45% of the salaries of their employees. Then, if that private business performs well and builds capital value, the state owns 20% to 36% of those capital gains. When the owner and the employees of that private business die, the state receives 20% of those assets by means of estate duties. Add the municipal rates and taxes and the elevated cost of electricity and services that private businesses are forced to purchase from monopolistic SOEs over a lifetime, and it becomes clear that all private property and businesses in South Africa belong to the state already.

    All businesses in South Africa already have more than a 50% BEE partnership with average citizens, even before they are coerced into the popular 30% BEE scheme. That is why the current BEE laws plunder the poor and the unemployed. BEE schemes infringe on the rights of beneficiaries of the National Treasury. Therefore, the social grant recipients and the unemployed pay for BEE schemes. Those who are in dire need of economic transformation are forced by law, to indirectly pay for the economic transformation of the politically connected elite.

    The state is the largest beneficiary of privately owned businesses, especially when we consider the risk/reward ratio for the state. The government does not invest capital, nor does it take any risks in the production and marketing process. Government inserts itself at the bottom line. It parasitizes the profit margin. It does not invest capital, skills, or know-how. It merely extracts the results of other people’s skills, capital, expertise, and work ethics.

    When private property is nationalized the government will, in fact, remove itself as a parasitic beneficiary. Nationalization of private property will do to the government what a shot of ivermectin will do to a parasite.

  5. Pelz-ebub

    25 July 2021 @ 1:07 am
  6. South Africa – Failed State with a corrupt and useless government and a huge, unproductive section of the population that has criminal tendencies. How much nation building can happen considering these realities ?

  7. casper1

    24 July 2021 @ 6:09 am
  8. Ja Stevie — Marxist as always.
    Nothing of real importance happened at all ne and everything will still be ok ne.
    You sir are SERIOUSLY misguided.

  9. Chev

    26 July 2021 @ 10:48 am
  10. playing the racial card again….peace will forever elude this cursed continent.

  11. Sensei

    28 July 2021 @ 3:31 pm
  12. This is a prime example of skewed incentives. Social support for poor people is one thing, but giving in, after they have burned down a portion of the country, is quite another. The parents who take savings from the piggy bank of the thrifty child to increases the pocket money of the delinquent child, who has thrown a tantrum and burnt down the kitchen, motivates their children to become criminals and arsonists.

    How do I teach the value and purpose of peaceful and respectful negotiation to my employees, while the national government rewards hooliganism and extortion?

  13. Pelz-ebub

    24 July 2021 @ 8:34 am
  14. Steven Friedman trying to dish out the Prozac. Reality : Gangster State.

  15. Funguyinjnb

    26 July 2021 @ 11:11 am
  16. Mr. President, why don’t you take the first bold step in doing away with AA quotas, BBBEE requirements and compulsory social investment policies?

  17. casper1

    26 July 2021 @ 11:13 am
  18. Just show us 1 of these wonderful communities that you have built in the last 27 years !!
    Just ONE !!!!

  19. Jonnoxx

    26 July 2021 @ 11:19 am
  20. The events at Phoenix unfolded ONLY because the Police and government abandoned /failed their responsilities when they were put to the test.

    The Indian community needs to close ranks and refuse all cooperation with the police and government until the issue of the collapse of the Police protection in their area has FIRST been accounted for, the incompetent police commanders identified and sacked, and competent new officials – with also a competent new plan AND equipment – are installed (and to the satisfaction and explicit approval of the local Phoenix community).

    The present ANC efforts are just an attempt to scape-goat the Indian community, without taking any responsibility or showing any remorse for the havoc their incompetence released.

    Thinly-disguised racial witch-hunts seldom end well.

  21. auretha

    26 July 2021 @ 11:53 am
  22. Dear Mr President, first, please tell me, if a criminal mob is trying to enter my street to harm my people or my property and the police is nowhere to be seen and do not even respond to calls, what must I do? Please do not hide behind fancy words. Tell us in straight language, what must we do?
    Second point, for more than 25 years the opportunity was with black people. Your colour decided who gets the contract, makes the team or gets the job. My children were born in the 80’s, they had no part in apartheid, but you still keep their colour against them, irrespective of the fact that they have worked extremely hard to get good qualifications. Can you please stop this racism now. As long as race decides who gets the job or the contract or who must be in the team, we will never build a united nation.

  23. flopsy

    24 July 2021 @ 10:55 am
  24. ‘Egghead’ academics like Steven Friedman are so detached from reality as to make their opinions worthless. Were Steven to run a labour intensive business for his livelihood he would have to change his ideas very rapidly. The idea that ‘ivory tower’ professors are the country’s intelligentsia is so far from the truth. They live in a sheltered bubble of unreality.

  25. Safrican2

    27 July 2021 @ 3:16 am
  26. Not a chance unfortunately. As long as we have a clueless Govt. delusionally believing that it knows what it’s doing, first Mango, then Naartjie, then Orange, then Lemon, then Grapefruit Airways will follow suit, as sure as Strawberry are fruit. Please protect us from the ANC.

  27. Navigator

    23 July 2021 @ 8:27 am
  28. Great comment. The government is a shareholder in every profitable enterprise.duh.

    Why do they try to destroy businesses since they are destroying themselves in the same process?

    Stupidity is the only answer

  29. Voyager786

    27 July 2021 @ 6:19 am
  30. Handover a viable country to a gang of AK47-wielding bandits and…. I’m just surprised it took 27 years before the wings fell off plunging South Africa into this fatal nosedive. Goodbye SOE’s, SAPS, SANDF, HEALTH, EDUCATION, LAND RIGHTS… and everything else.

  31. JapieM

    26 July 2021 @ 1:19 pm
  32. A non-racial society is NOT possible while legislation advantages a specific race.

  33. edalsg

    24 July 2021 @ 8:17 am
  34. Yes I read that too : I think the poor chap is over the hill : The country must find ways to change its past !!! That’s a classic.
    Unfortunately like the Scots hate the English and the Welsh hate them both ,our various tribes will remain Tribal enemies until one has wiped out the rest : We still have so called Tribal kings and Queens : A complicated African shambles ,but not to worry ,we can blame apartheid for the next century or so.

  35. Africa Pragmatist

    25 July 2021 @ 6:04 am
  36. Since 94, it has benn a constant decline due to ANC policy corruption and mismanagement. SA has gone from bad to worse and to junk investment status.

    Time for the ANC to depart.

  37. Safrican2

    25 July 2021 @ 5:04 am
  38. We must surely lead the world statistics when it comes to weak, inept leadership. I have even less confidence in whom that will follow those of the last 20 years.

  39. Plett

    26 July 2021 @ 12:35 pm
  40. Blame deflection again! You, CR, and your party (the ANC) are responsible for the riots and ultimately all the deaths. Political ineptitude, poor governance, bad policies, very poor SAPS and SANDF, corruption and all round bad service provision is to blame. The people of Phoenix were protecting their homes, lives and assets… no crime. The looters were the criminals, not the property owners.

    You need to get tough, get your hands dirty, take up the shovel and clean the filthy (criminals) out of the pig sty where they are feeding at the trough. The ANC must be purged and cleansed.

    The racism card is absolute BS in this event. Blame yourself.


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